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- Consultation, installation, troubleshooting and relocation of Panasonic PBX Systems

- Retail, distribute and export telecommunications equipment locally / overseas

- Full range of Panasonic telecommunication solutions

- EnGenius and Alcon wired/ wireless networking and telecommunication equipment

CCTV Video Surveillance

- Retail, distribute and export CCTV equipment locally / overseas

- Professional CCTV consultation, installation, relocation, troubleshooting, routine cleaning, event rentals, and cabling works

- Cabling: Fiber-optics trained and certified, RG-59, RG6, Cat5e, Cat6

- In-house BizSafe-certified installation and service teams.

- Full range of CCTV surveillance security equipment (HD-CCTV, IP, hybrid, SD analog, fire-detection cameras, explosion-proof cameras, cold room cameras).

- Our CCTV clients and project references can be found here [+].

Safety Ladders and Display Mounts for TVs / Monitors

Through Ladders and Hardware Pte Ltd [+], we retail and distribute:
- Little Giant Ladders Systems (USA)

- A selection of step ladders at consumer-friendly prices

- Display mount brackets for LED/ LCD monitors and TVs (Taiwan-made)

- Install display mounts purchased from us (charges apply)


Retail units

We have been in Sim Lim Square for over 25 years and are accredited under the Sim Lim Square STARetailers program that provide quality service, trust and confidence to our customers. We welcome customers to drop by one of our six retail units for product demo and purchase.


Telecommunication & Networking
Panasonic PABX / CCTV master dealer EnGenius - Singapore agent Alcon - Singapore sole distributor

PABX master dealer

SG agent SG sole distributor
CCTV Security Surveillance
Lines - CCTV Sole distributor Webgate HD-CCTV Solutions - Singapore sole distributor Pentax (A Ricoh Company) CCTV Lenses - Singapore Sole Agent

CCTV Solutions

SG sole distributor

Premium HD-CCTV

SG sole distributor

CCTV Lenses

SG sole agent

Panasonic PABX / CCTV master dealer Kowa CCTV Lenses - Singapore Agent TeleXper - Singapore sole distributor

CCTV Solutions

SG dealer

CCTV Lenses

SG agent

IP / analog CCTV

SG sole distributor

Vpon - Singapore agent Sony - Singapore agent  

SG agent

SG agent  
Safety Ladders & Display Mounts
Little Giant Ladder Systems - Singapore sole distributor Lines - CCTV Sole distributor  

USA Safety Ladders

SG sole distributor

Display Mounts

SG sole distributor


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